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I get it, we all experience FEAR. The more important question is what is your process to handle the fear that you experience? Unfortunately, I’ve seen that most flee from the scene of their fear, rather than confront it.

And to clarify before we continue, I’m specifically speaking to the fear in our life that we NEED to confront. We all know that we experience fear if we’re going to touch a hot stove, so I get it, don’t do that. But rather, the fear I’m speaking to is the fear we may experience when we,

  • Back down from a business deal even though all of the numbers and variables are pointing to a winner
  • Avoiding a conversation with a loved one that you know you need to have
  • Prolonging or completely neglecting actions in an area of your that you know you need to address yet you let some internal ‘story’ win and talk you out of what you know you need to do.

Once again, we know that everyone experiences fear, but real question is why do most people run from it and others will run into it? Why do most people choose to run and escape to avoid confrontation rather than analyze the situation and seek to find out why they may have fear and also, how is a way they could confront it and overcome. Running away from challenges in life may be provide some immediate gratification, but it will not remove that fear from the root.

Consider this, when you begin to experience fear similar to the examples above, is the exact time that you need to begin take action in that area of your life/business. Even if the action you take is simply taking the time to determine where this fear is emanating from and what is the ‘story’ you have attached to it in your mind?

Did you ever think that your fear could be used as one of your biggest motivators and driving forces. In other words you can convert your fear into fuel. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world, when they experience fear, can turn on a ‘Trigger response’ to react and attack. They have learned to understand the danger and master their state of mind and put their fear in fear from the actions they will take.

Fear will always be a part of our lives, but it’s a matter of whether we are going to run from it or run into it and use it to drive us to achieve our next level of life and business?

In other words, fear can be our ally if we can conquer it and use it to our advantage. And that’s one of the strategies and mindsets that separates the men from the boys. Successful entrepreneurs have faced their fears. They have resolved the threat and did not let fear limit their attitude and disposition. They have regarded fear as an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to succeed. After all, why go down without a fight?

You’ve likely never heard of men who became heroes by running from the battlefield during the time of need. Nope, these men were never heard from again. You don’t need to be the man that runs, you have a choice to be THE MAN and a live a life that goes down a road less traveled.

The masses?

Once again, fear is their trigger to run and hide. And while I get it, because fear can be overwhelming and simply easier to bow down to, but there are massive repercussions for this in the end. Fear will be limit every area of your life and most importantly, your legacy.

Most people fear failure and prefer to stay in their own comfort zones. But failure is a chance to go beyond one’s boundaries and overcome restrictions. Changing one’s attitude towards the fear of failure can greatly increase a person’s chance at success.

One of the ways to decrease the level of fear is to ‘decrease the time factor of fear’. You see, the longer that fear persists, the stronger it becomes. The longer fear persists, the more time that you have to create more and more stories around this ‘thing’ that’s has you afraid and your fear will continue to get stronger and stronger. These stories hinder our ability to look beyond fear.

FEAR FEEDS OFF TIME. The more time you waste avoiding it, the more it grows. It will continue to grow until it becomes a massive leviathan and at that point, you can’t really escape from it anymore. Face it while it is still manageable and easy to conquer. This isn’t a question of ‘which would you rather fight, a horse-sized chicken, or a hundred chicken-sized horses?’ This is more like ‘which would you rather fight, a dinosaur egg, or a dinosaur.’ With no weapons, of course you’d fight the egg before it becomes a monster.

When you give fear time, the ‘Snowball Effect’ is in action and it will continue to get bigger and bigger. So one thing you can do is to eliminate time from fear. And rather than letting fear continue to persist, you simply face it head on, right then and there so it no longer has a chance to get any stronger.

Understand that the fear we face is precisely where we find our Freedom and this is where LIVING is truly found.

I will say that there has never been a time in my life that I’ve regretted facing my fear.

Does that mean that I haven’t experienced ‘failure’ to achieve what I wanted? Hell no. I’ve ‘failed’ soooo many times in life/business. But this is how I’ve learned. Just like my MMA experience from fighting in a cage and getting my a** knocked out cold, the lesson learned was simply: You either Win, or you Learn. I learned a lot. Mainly to not bow down to fear and get in the ring. And it was a beautiful experience.

So my message is the same to you. Fight your fear and get in the ring. You see, when you confront your fear, you never lose. You either win, or you learn.

I leave you with this quote from Mark Twain, “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened”. Stop running from your fear my friend and begin running straight into it.

All the best,


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