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There’s a lot wrong in the world

Hell, there’s a lot wrong in your house.

I bet you can stack up a list of complaints a mile long about your wife and kids and all the things they do that frustrate you.

What about the Government & Politics?

I know, I shouldn’t even get you started about all that’s wrong there.

You probably have some neighbors and team members as well who have tons wrong with them.

Like I said there’s much wrong in the world.

You could criticize incessantly about others & stuff.

Bitch, moan, yell, shut down….you pick your flavor for anger and frustration.

The likely assumption is those methods haven’t typically worked very well for you.

So you can keep using those methods.

[ OR ]

You could actually do things that have the potential to produce improved results

Choose a new way to criticize if you will.

The new way: Be Better

One of the greatest ways you can ‘criticize’ the wrongs you see in the world or others is by dropping your judgments and begin practicing being and living better.

Intentional, unconditional brightness and actions will do more to impact your world than your frustration, anger or violence ever could.

You can influence more people and circumstances by simply ‘being’ who God has called you to be and following that pursuit.

So do that.

Just be better and do better things.

Do the things you’re called to do and live the way God has called you to live.

Drop your judgments and criticisms so you can focus on YOU.

And by doing You, they will take notice….and likely, your voice will have been spoken louder than ever without saying anything at all.

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