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This is Your Invitation To Live

Let me ask you a question,

Is the life you’re living right now the life you dreamed about when you were young?

For some of you, that question may be a bit painful.

How many of you ever dreamed about working in a cubicle?

Driving a Truck?

Managing Accounts?

Selling stuff you don’t even care about?

Doing blah, blah, blah…and doing God knows whatever it is that you do for a Dollar

Trading Time for Money


Creating Freedom and Creating Dollars while doing what you’re Passionate about

So just to be clear, I’m not judging or disrespecting any of you because you have a job or career.

Because I get it, YES, there’s Nobility and Honor in providing for your family and in doing things that you do not desire to do, in order to provide for your family and loved ones.

However when you are going against THE CALLING IN YOUR HEART of what it is that you desire to do and, better yet, WHO you feel called Be, then you are ignoring that voice inside, and you my friend, are not living a life of Integrity.

You’re on a slippery slope…

If you continue on your path, you will end up in a slump.

You see, when you continually disregard the Voice inside, you create a pattern that is literally Killing the true you.

And the longer you follow this pattern of suppressing the Real You, it becomes more difficult to ‘Hear The Voice’ and more and more difficult to take the Action that you know that you need to take.

You are essentially, Selling Out to the World and Killing your Soul.

…Day by Day.

Week by Week.

Month by Month.

Year by Year…

My question to you is:

How much longer are you willing to continue in living the mundane life you’ve created?



Living your life like a Wounded Animal?

Backing down from life and burying down to fear and pain.

IF, this is you, the guy who is continually backing down from life and living the status quo, living an unfulfilling life, there is hope—but it will require YOU to FIGHT.

I get it, right now, you probably feel like your Heart is dead.

But you can get it back.

Trust me, It is in there still beating, but in order to bring it back to life you have to seek it out and find it like an elusive prey on an cold winter hunt.

You have to step out of the ‘comfort zone’ pattern of decisions you’ve been making.

Get out of the Domesticated, Sensitized, Boring ass life that you’ve been living and get back to your CORE.

Get back to the MAN you have been CALLED to Become.

Begin to Step into this Life and make the Decisions that you desire.

Begin to Create the Results you Truly Desire.

Create the Life of Adventure and Excitement that you envisioned about when you were child.

But once again, let’s be Real.

In order to get back to this place of Power and Results, you’re going to have to BREAKTHROUGH some major limiting beliefs and patterns that you’ve been creating for a very long time.

And you’re going to need the Strength of a Brotherhood and the Accountability of other Men who are also Committed to Similar Results.

This, my friend, is an INVITATION TO LIVE.

“Many are called but few are chosen”? Yes.

The thing is, you get to Choose.

Will you step into your Calling?

Will you step into your Legacy?

The Door Is Open, but you have to take the first Step.



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