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Trading $$$ for Souls

Trading $$$ for Souls

Feel like you’re working a job that is sucking your soul out of you?

Been there, done that.

Growing up, I never had much sense of direction on what I wanted to do with my life, other than be a pro athlete, or go into the Military.

Well, needless to say, they didn’t call my name on draft day and by the time I got out of high school, I already had a torn acl and a plate with 5-screws in my ankle so the military wouldn’t take me in.

So in my 20’s, the only thing that appealed to was going into law enforcement.

So I did that for 7 years and enjoyed it for about 5 1/2 of those years.

But then the politics and unethical stuff going on was not a fight that I wanted to spend my life fighting so I quit.

That and the birth of my first son came, so I decided to leave that world and pursue something else so I could have more time for my family.

I remember hating corporate America from the very 1st day.

I told my wife that when I came home when she asked me how my first day was, my response was, “I hate it, but I’ll stick it out until I find something better.”

And stick it out I did, for almost 5 years….

That’s a long time my friends, and it sucked out some of my soul.

But, this is also when I began pursuing Real Estate.

I knew that every day I stayed at that job, a piece of me was dying inside.

So I began to work relentlessly to learn all that I could about real estate investing and began to put that learning into action.

While working full-time at my job, I was able to buy 23 rental properties (all with, we’ll call it, Creative Financing) and I quit my job a little over 2 years after I started investing.

By the way, when I started investing and buying rentals, I had no cash and actually used a credit card to borrow the down payment to buy my first rental property then got very creative after that.

I was scared as hell when I began, but I was a dying and decaying Man every day that I stayed at that job, so I didn’t care.

I went all in.

And I did it.

And I felt alive.

I was willing to risk my security for the Adventure.

The adventure that would lead me to what I wanted, which I think is what we all want: Time and Financial Freedom.

But here’s the rub that I see observing most Men I know and meet:
They aren’t living with any adventure in their lives.

They’ve sold out to the man.

They’re drinking the Conservative kool-aid.

And they’re treating life like an incubator glass afraid to get anything dirty or broken.

Here’s what I’ve found:
The game of life is set up for us to pursue adventure, not playing it safe all the damned time.

This has been the nature of life since the world was created.

The game that God has created is set up in a way that we are encouraged and rewarded to take some risks (aka: walk by faith, not by sight)

‘Life is not a problem to be solved, but rather an adventure to be lived.’ John Eldredge

I see it and talk to Men all the time and they’re just not happy and they wonder why, but it’s fairly simple:
They are not fulfilled because they don’t have any adventure in their work, marriage, physicality or spiritual life.

Perhaps they have it in one or two of those areas, but definitely not all of them.

Men that are living with adventure and pursuing their heart COME ALIVE.

So you have to ask yourself, are you living out a script written by someone else?

You gotta be honest here.

Because most men are not living how they want to live and most men lie.

They lie to themselves and say it’s ‘ok’ and sink further into their lives of quiet desperation.

So if you’re one of the few, which is, you are a Man that can tell the truth, and you KNOW deep inside there is something more for you in life, then where do you go from here?

Well, you got to ask some questions:

~~ Who do I feel called to be?

~~ What do I feel called to do?

~~ In other words, WHAT DO I WANT???

Yes, you can ask and talk to others about these questions, but DO NOT LISTEN to people who are not in the positions you want to be in the areas of Spiritually – Physically – Relationally – Financially

More importantly, just ask yourself and God and take time to be still and listen.

Look, when you listen, here’s the thing, if you’re really honest with yourself, you’re probably going to have to take some risks and put some things on the line.

That’s what I had to do.

But what good is it to gain the whole world yet lose your soul?

Most men I know aren’t even gaining the world, they’re borderline broke AND losing their soul, so what’s there to be lost???

So you can keep your job or keep doing whatever you do for money, but for some of you reading this, you know it is sucking the life out of you.

And there will be challenges and tests to keep you to stay.

I remember the day I told my boss that I was leaving my corporate job and guess what they did?

Dangled a promotion in front of me to stay.

Of course it was tempting.

I could have kept doing real estate on the side, took the raise, kept the company car, kept the health insurance and played it conservative.

But I didn’t not go that route.

I chose my heart over a paycheck.

I wanted my time back for me and my family, not for them.

Here’s the deal, most men spend their lives trying to avoid or eliminate RISK.

And this how everyone around you sees you.

Your kids probably aren’t very inspired by you, nor are your wife and employees, or co-workers, depending on your position in the business world.

They make movies about the bold, not the conservative.

Your attempt for constant control is your False self taking Control.

This is also known as your Bitch Self.

That little, scared bitch inside of you is running the show.

Because that weak, bitch self inside of you Values control over experience.

But the true you, your true heart is completely opposite and your true you, yearns to gain Power through living thru the experiences and Adventures you live.

And your true you, has a ‘No Matter what’ boldness inside.

Think of PT Barnum in the Greatest Showman.

That dude pursued his heart and didn’t give a damn about failing, because failing was simply learning and the next step towards growth.

Let’s wrap this up and summarize.

Too many men forsake their dreams because they aren’t willing to pursue what’s in their heart and it shouldn’t be this way.

They squash the Adventurous nature inside and instead, they play it safe and take the conservative route.

They sacrifice their soul for the almighty dollar.

A man’s soul isn’t made to be Conservative all the damned time, it’s essence is to seek adventure.

Pt Barnum said it best, “Men Suffer from imagining too little than too much”

Here’s what I say,
“Men suffer lives of quiet desperation because they allow fear to consume them rather than seeking adventure and listening to the calling in their heart”

It’s time for you to do some work.

The work within.

What’s your heart saying after reading this?

Take some time to be still and listen.

Yes, you may experience some fear with what you feel called to do, but understand, fear can easily be transformed into excitement with some simple shifts.

Feel free to hit me up if you need some guidance on how to navigate from where you’re at to where you want to be.

That’s part of the adventure I live in my life, and that’s helping other Men come alive to pursue that calling they have in their heart.

And no, this does not mean quitting your job immediately or taking a pay cut, there is a way my friend to ‘have it all’ and build the life and financial freedom you deserve, you just have to be willing to hear the voice and put in the work that will be required.

But hey, it’s just your soul on the line…

*btw, the picture that I attached to this post, by the way was me not long after I left my job.

I went on a Missions trip to help out in Mexico.

That smile on my face is that of a Free Man, pursuing his heart.

When’s the last time you had a smile on your face that radiates from your soul because you know you are 100% where you need to be in life and doing what you need to be doing.

If not, let’s get you there my friend, you deserve it.

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