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You want to produce better Results in your Life & Business (AKA: Fruit).

But for some reason, you continually struggle to get the results you want.

~~> Body not working/looking the way you want
~~> Marriage is blah
~~> Bank Accounts never have enough

The Fruit on your tree of Results is not, well, good.

Some of it is completely rotten.

So how do you produce better fruit?


You see, all fruit (good or bad) that manifests in your life or business emanates from within you.

And what manifests is determined by the care / watering / nurturing that has taken place.

Much like a seed that can grow into a tree, that can produce fruit.

Your thoughts / beliefs, BEGIN the growth of your Results in your Life & Business, but why do your results continue to miss the mark?

Because of the lack of care, or even destructive actions that you’re taking towards the Roots.

We all start with good intentions.

We have great Dreams and Goals.

But what stops them? Your watering & nurturing habits.

Mainly: Your lack of emotional control and the actions you take from the inability to properly manage your emotions.

Yes, mainly, your emotions come into wreck things.

They’re like fungus or weeds growing all around your tree and they’re sucking all the nutrients away from the soil.

Most people live life controlled by these 3 emotional result killers:

~~> Doubt
~~> Worry
~~> Fear

Consider that when you’re spending your valuable time in a state of doubt, worry or fear,
then you are actually choosing at that moment, to not focus on the real issue at hand.

Instead of watering / nurturing your tree of life that will produce great fruit, you are poisoning your roots with those thoughts.

I get it.

Life’s hard.

Business is rough.

But, from my experience, Business and Life are supposed to be tough.

And emotions can be incredibly overwhelming.

I’m not suggesting that you should not feel or experience your emotions.

You should.

Your Feelings are the single greatest ACTIVATOR FOR ACTION that we have.

The key is choosing USEFUL ACTIONS from that emotional state that will lead you to creating the results you’re after.

Stop killing your roots.

Thoughts become things.

So protect your thoughts.

Water, nurture, guard and protect them so they can bring to life the Results that you ultimately want to produce from your Tree of Life.

Said differently:
The things you continually think about will determine your actions and that will ultimately produce your fruit.

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