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Trust the Process (+ God)

If you’re an Entrepreneur, or just someone who’s driven to create outcomes, we all know the importance of setting clear goals and reviewing them frequently.

I review my goals for the year (almost) every day.

But reviewing goals and making them become reality are two different things.

Manifesting goals by your thoughts alone, per ‘the secret’, is fool’s game and mindset.

If you’re in that boat, best of luck.

But rather than wish and wait and hope and dream for your goals to become reality, most of you understand they will never come to fruition until you can fall in love with the ‘process’ and do the massive amount of work that great accomplishments demand.

You see, if you are looking to create something GREAT in life or business, you are going to need a proven process to get there.

The process is the ‘work’ that must be done, over and over again….

The process is typically boring.

The process is typically tough.

The process is typically mundane.

But executing the process is how winning is done.

Not executing a proven process = Failure.

And when you’re grinding out your process and pursuing your goals, especially the big, hairy & scary ones, you’re going to be confronted with all sorts of obstacles along the way.

There will be many times when you want to say F**k the process and just give up.

This is why a process alone won’t get you there.

Enter God.

I won’t lie, I’ve excluded God many a times and for many a year of my life from being a part of my process.

Looking back, it was a big mistake.

I lacked faith in having faith.

And I lacked purpose in my process.

And the times I have done that, things have not gone well in some form or fashion.

Something was empty or void.

When my process lacked purpose i lacked Power.

It was all about me or all about money.

I’ve learned that when I’m solely focused on Me or Money, it won’t satisfy.

Conversely, the more I have included Him, those difficult times seem to be a bit more bearable.

And the insights and breakthroughs I needed seem to be more timely and more frequent.

And when I’ve incorporated Purpose into my Process = Secret Sauce.

So for my hustlers and grinders out there, keep trusting your process and putting in the work, but consider trusting God to be included into your process with a servant purpose can project you and your Results to entirely new levels….

[[[ So where are you at? ]]]

Do you have a process that is working for your life / business?

If not, hit me up

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