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Your growth in life & Business, oddly enough, will be based on your ability to UNLEARN, as much as it is to Learn.

We’re brought up ‘in the world’ and being brought up in the world, for most, means a majority of our programming that we’ve been taught, for the most part, is not ultimately useful to help us become who we are deeply yearning to become in the next stage in our life.

Sometimes up is dow­n and down is up.

Jesus mentioned that unless you become like a little child, you will not enter the kingdom of Heaven.

Think about this, and think about your life.

Most likely, you feel trapped, stressed, upset with someone/something, or you’re experiencing a never-ending stream of anxiety/doubt/worry/fear, you name it, but it’s not good…

It’s kind of not your fault, but it is your reality.

As you’ve grown older, you’ve learned some very non-useful lessons along the way that have gotten you, well, where you are.

So ask yourself.

Is my life working for me?

Is my business working for me?

If yes, great.

If NO, begin to look at what you need to UNLEARN.

We are all seeking ‘Heaven on Earth’ and, good news, it’s available to us.

But to begin to experience this, you have to let go of the mental entrapments you’ve picked up along the way.

Begin to Unlearn the non-useful, and go back to the child-like faith and freedom you once had.

Stop beating yourself up as you’ve learned to do so well.

Invite some Amnesia into your life.

Forget the fallacies that you’ve unfortunately built most of your life upon.

Unpeel your mental onion.

And remember who you truly are inside.

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