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If you do not have Vision for your life, you feel it.

It aches you.

It leaves you empty.

Your heart longs for more.

We are all called to something greater and something ‘more’.

It’s hard to put your finger on it, but you know it’s there.

Things are not what they seem in the world.

Although you may have allowed ‘what is seen’ to be interpreted as truth.

Deep down, you know there’s something else bigger, deeper, much more complex going on behind the scenes.

And you know there’s something bigger waiting for you.

You know why you feel empty.

Your sadness is coming from this void.

There is a battle going on inside of you.

The battle of the mind and the spirit.

‘It’s time to let those dreams go’ you say to yourself.

‘I could never do that’ you remind yourself.

We live in a world at war.

In the physical and the spiritual realm.

Like Neo in the Matrix, you know something exists around you that you can’t quite comprehend.

There is a Vision that lays sleeping inside of you.

Only you can wake it up.

Repeat, ONLY YOU can wake it up.

You have to seek it.

Pursue it.

Chase it down like a savage.

When you capture even a glimpse of your Vision, you will begin to come alive again.

The mundane, mediocrity of life can transform to a mythical new landscape where you have a crucial role to play.

Your life has meaning.

Your life has purpose.

You have to believe this.

Because if you don’t, you will never capture your Vision.

Seek out your Vision.


Until you find it.

It will compel you forward and lift you above your day to day problems.

It will cause you to be more, do more and achieve more as you pursue it.

Your Vision will lead you to your Victory.

And if you do not seek your Vision, you will suffer victimhood, defeat, depression and a continual emptiness inside.

You are being called to something more.

Begin to step in that direction.

Follow the eyes of your heart.

Open your mind to hear where the voice is guiding you.

The true story of your life is waiting to unfold, but you have to initiate the action and begin to pursue your V I S I O N.

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