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Inc 5000

Warning: Humble Bragging, Shameless Praising & Naive Faith Below.

Hope you guys don’t mind a little humble brag but this thing means quite a bit to me.

When I got started in business, hell, I could hardly spell the word Entrepreneur, much less envision myself being in the publication like this.

Looking back now almost 10 years after I bought my first property, it’s crazy to think about the amount over work that has gone into building this business.

All of the ‘ups/downs, ‘highs/lows’, all the friendships that have been created, all of the stressful/sleepless nights when I was working my full-time job and starting my business, some of the crazy stuff we’ve seen from houses & some of our clients :-), and yes the big paydays…

Overall, incredibly humbling and rewarding times and it’s just been an incredible ride as I look back on it.

The funny thing is, even with all of the struggle that has been a part of this journey, I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything.

You see the road to “Success” is certainly filled with highs/lows for anyone that proclaims themself to be an ‘entrepreneur’, but the thing people don’t realize until they experience it is we grow and expand MUCH MORE from the losses/setbacks than we do from the Wins/Gains….

So as I look at it this award, still sitting on the floor because I haven’t had the time to hang it (and several others, lol), the other thing that also comes to mind is recognizing all the others who’ve helped me along the way.

I’m not going to name them Name by name but I will just say that there have been countless number of others, at least dozens, if not hundreds who’ve helped me in some capacity and I just want to say thank you to you all.

Most of all to my wife for her enduring support from the very first moment and believing in me when I really didn’t even believe in myself. She has what I sometimes refer to as a ‘naïve faith’ in me, simply meaning she doesn’t have to have all of the numbers/data/projections, etc when I have an idea or want to try something new, she simply believes in me and encourages me to fight the good fight to make it happen. Thank you Tara Ciarrocchi Phillips, I love you.

Now, on to the next challenge of making this list again, but figuring out how to remove a ZERO from Inc 5000 to make the Inc 500 list

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