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We all need Private Money and I know where it’s gonna be in August [Quest EXPO]

If you’re looking for PRIVATE MONEY, I always say, “Go where the fish are biting”
Well, August 25 – 26th in Dallas, Tx, there’ll be one of the biggest gatherings of private lenders under one roof that I’ve ever seen and trust me, there will be some private money ‘fishing’ going on!
*I’ve heard there may be close to 1,000 people in attendance at the Expo!
For those of you that know me and a little about my business, I’ve been working with private lenders for 10+ years now. We’ve raised tens of millions of dollars over the years which has allowed us to buy hundreds of investment properties with our private lenders capital. THIS IS how we operate our business and finance our deals and what you may not know, approximately 60% of the money we raise comes from our lenders Self-Directed IRA’s.
One of my favorite quotes that I share at many of my speaking events is from Robert Kiyosaki, “the ability to raise capital is the #1 skillset of an entrepreneur”. And I agree, if you don’t have private money for your deals in today’s market, you are DOA….
So for those of you that need to raise some capital, you may want to consider joining me in Dallas August 25 & 26th at the Expo.
Oh, guess what the Expo will be focused on in case I didn’t mention it?
You guessed it, Self-Directed IRA’s. And there will be a copious amount of our Self-Directed Lending friends looking for some trustworthy and reputable investors to loan a few dollars to some investors like us.
I’ll be speaking from stage a couple of times, so come check that out if you can.
But the bottomline is, I know I’ll be there doing some ‘fishin’, but how about you?

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