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What Do You Do When You Screw Up?

While training for my upcoming Ironman event:
2.4 mile open water swim, followed by,
112 mile bike race, followed be a freaking
26.2 mile marathon!  all in the same damn day….
I know, Insane.
Especially considering I just turned 40 this year, and I’ve had 2 ankle surgeries and 3 knee surgeries and my knee is a ‘stage 4 arthritis’ (see: bone on bone) according to the Doc. The doctor actually told me recently I have the knee of a 70 year old man that lived a damn hard life. lol…
Anyways, the thing with Ironman training, is you have alot of time to think…Alot of time…
And this week, I have to admit it: I wasn’t a great Dad or Husband this week.
I worked a lot this week preparing for my  event, Breakthrough At The Beach along with other real estate deals we’re working on and I neglected those who matter the most to me.
Hardly spent any quality time with them like I usually do.
And I was hardly truly ‘present’ with them, even when I was with them.
So what do you do when you screw up?
Say Sorry?
Actually, that’s not necessary when you do this…
Correct path. IMMEDIATELY.
Your Actions SAY your sorry, so words aren’t even necessary.
Don’t try to ‘fix’ something you screwed up by ‘talking’ about what you’ll do in the future, or by issuing IOU’s.
Fix it Now. Right Here & Right Now.
Pay Up and Correct Path Immediately.
When it’s man up time, it’s man up time.
And don’t think that I’m sharing this lesson only for your personal life. Same rule in your real estate business applies:
When you jack shit up, you better auto-correct like ‘Quick ~ Fast ~ And in a Hurry’ or you’ll soon find out that the people who are wanting to do deals with you are going to Bye-Bye.
So, that was my lesson while training for the IRONMAN.
It wasn’t my greatest week ever as a Dad/Husband and I was going to make sure that I did something about it right away to end the weekend on a Positive note.
Spent hours playing outside with kiddos, went to church in the evening together, then out to dinner as a family and hung out on the couch and ate some junk food watching tv.  And pretty much plan on doing alot of the same types of activities today….
You see, I could have told the kids and I wife, ‘next week daddy will do better’ BUT it’s better in my opinion to just BE BETTER, RIGHT NOW.
So, when YOU screw Up. Catch it, Recognize it and auto-correct your path right away with ACTIONS, not talk.
Real Life. Real Estate.

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