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What they need is what you want

Dad’s: the Problem is….

The problem is that life is actually not a problem to be solved, but rather an adventure to be lived.

So one of the reasons you feel the way you do is because you’ve lost adventure in your life.

You’ve been so fixated and focused on providing and problem-solving for so long now you’ve forgotten what LIVING is about and what it’s like to have some adventure in your life.

I don’t care how successful you are, if you don’t mix in some adventure and elements of risk, you’re just not experiencing life, or, success.

And not just to ‘have some adventure’ or reckless risk, I’m talking about pursuing Adventure as a way of life and being willing to take risks that you’re being called to take to reach those ends.

Some would say walking by Faith, sure, I agree.

Another way to say this is to get out of your comfort zone, pursue what’s in your heart, and be willing to continually take the necessary risks that move you closer to whatever is in your heart.

And be willing to fail.

Stop playing it safe all the damned time.

We all know that modern-day Dad life is not giving most men what they want and need.

We know they’re empty and bored.

And that’s why they fall into the trap of sedation.

The solution: Don’t be like Most men.

Stop living the Average Dad Script and write your own Story.


Start with this.

Stop caring about what the world and others think.

Instead, ask yourself what you care about and think.

Ask yourself, “What Makes me come alive?”

Here’s the thing, what the world and others (especially your family) need more than anything is this:

Yes, the world needs Men who have come alive again.

It’s time to reawaken who you are called to be.

If you are a Man that is dead inside and not sure where to go, or where to turn, you’re not alone my friend, but doing nothing about your state is a losing game. Hit me up if you need some guidance.

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