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What would happen if you got your heart back?

🖤 Men: What would happen if you got your heart back? 🖤
Things would change drastically, and you know it.
For some of you, it has been missing for so long you may not even remember what It feels like.
Like a frog in a pot of water that doesn’t jump out when it starts to get hot….the water boils, the frog remains and dies.
Such is the modern day man.
You’ve unknowingly been thrown into a pot of water known as modern day life which has been out to sedate, castrate, medicate, feminize and emasculate you to cease being a Man.
~~> The schools prescribed your adderall (and called it necessary)
~~> The church condemned and stripped your strength (and called it Sanctification)
~~> Your wife domesticated you (for most, with good intentions, and called it what was best for the family)
~~> And your career/job put the dagger in your heart when they dangled the dollar, which you chose over the calling in your heart (hey, you gotta pay the bills right?)
Then….poof….your heart was gone….it succumbed…..and it was numbed….
Society: “Emasculation Mission Complete”
The Game of Society > Your Heart
As my high school coach would say, ‘looks like you got your dick knocked in the dirt’
But some of you, there’s still some life in there.
It may be a tiny pulse, but there’s still a beat.
You see, most of you didn’t even realize the game you were in.
The masses are sheep. Just how the game is designed.
But once you understand the game, then you can begin to understand the rules, then you can strategize on how to begin putting some points on the board and ultimately, figure out how to win this bitch.
So here’s the first rule of the game: in order for a chance to win, you have to be willing to Fight.
Like William Wallace said when that dude asked him where he was going, he replied ‘I’m going to pick a fight’.
And fight he did.
As you must.
The admission into the game is a willingness to fight.
To fight for the calling in your heart.
To fight for what is good, what is right, what is just and what it is YOU have been called to do.
To fight to AWAKEN from your slumber and sedation and to open your eyes and see what is happening all around you.
To see what is at stake for you, your family, your loved ones and society.
You are not sick
You are not broken
You are a fucking MAN with a calling in your heart that has been designed for greatness!
But you must get off your Ass and begin to do the good work.
To actualize your calling, you must be willing to Fight.
To fight for that calling in your heart.
I know, some of you lost the calling. You lost the voice of God in your life. I get it brother, but it’s in there, you just have to trust me on this, and you have to begin to seek him and seek within you, and seek desperately and violently and you will find it.
And find it you must.
Because no one is coming to save you from the traps you’ve allowed yourself to fall into.
This doesn’t mean that God’s not there.
He is.
But God has given you Agency, which is the ABILITY AND PRIVILEGE us to choose and to act for ourselves.
So get up and act, no, get up and FIGHT
Society wants you sedated and tamed.
Because a Man on fire can be a dangerous thing to their agenda.
Society wants boys and emasculated men.
But we need Real Men.
Real Men protect, defend, lead, create, defeat evil and make the world a better place.
My friend, there is a daily fight taking place each and every day for your heart.
So I ask again, what would happen if you got your heart back?
Things would be different, no, things would be fucking Fantastic.
I’m here to tell you that you can get it back. It’s in there and it’s still beating….
But you have to be willing to fight for it.
And fight you must.

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