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What your broker may not want you to know about eXp


“What your broker may not want you to know about eXp” 🤫

Had some issues with FaceBook live earlier so David Golden and I hopped over to Zoom to record this.

It was going to be a conversation about ‘What your broker may not want you to know about eXp’ based on some things (rumors, misinformation, lies perhaps, etc) we’ve been hearing, but really this just turned into a conversation about eXp, why we’re so excited about the company and helping other Agents.

We got into how Agents are able to plug into this ‘business in a box’ that eXp provides real estate agents and finally move from a dependent ’employee’ type of single income stream (selling & listing houses) and begin to move into becoming a true Business Owner / Investor role with passive income and equity. 🏠💸 🙏
*Read Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Cash-Flow Quadrant’ for those of you who have not.

So the ‘secret’ is that Agents now have the same opportunity as Brokers but without:
…the capital investment to start a Brokerage
….Additional training/licensing

Because we as Agents, now can be rewarded with Ownership/Equity in a Company that we can be proud of and be financially rewarded when we bring other Agents into the company when they sell houses.

This is why eXp is known as an Agent Owned Brokerage. It’s because you actually earn shares of stock when you sell houses and bring other agents to eXp and they sell houses! Agent Ownership is a wonderful thing.

So in other words Agents have not had a choice in the past and many of them have unfortunately stayed dependent upon selling & listing houses and living with only that single, Active income stream and no true plan for retirement or wealth creation.

But now Agents can instantly upgrade to eXp and gain stock ownership in the company and add an additional (and amazing) monthly cash-flow/income stream called Rev Share by just referring other people to the company. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

David and I are both drinking the eXp ‘Kool-Aid’ and loving every minute of it….We’re growing our businesses and helping other agents doing the same and we’re having fun. It’s as simple as that.

Want some numbers?

I joined eXp less than a year ago and I’ve acquired over 3,000 shares of eXp stock in less than a year and I now have a team of 70+ agents in 7 states…I made $4,801.87 last month in passive income from my eXp Rev Share.
*David has 450 Agents in over 19 states and made $20k this month 😲

So even if you have a great Broker and have never considered leaving where you’re at, I would encourage you to take time to understand the model and the opportunity that is available for you to at least consider.

Here are some questions to ask your broker if they can provide:
1. Stock Ownership in the company
2. Rev Share
3. Online office with 400 full-time employees available to support you
4. Lead Generation Platforms. eXp provides KV Core and Making It Rain to all of their agents at no charge.

Maybe you’re a Broker yourself, aren’t you curious why Brokers are moving their entire organizations to eXp as well? And wouldn’t you like to set your agents up for the best possible success that they could achieve? Of course you would, so maybe partnering with eXp is the path for you to be able to do that while also improving your personal lifestyle and growing your business and reducing your liabilities and overhead.

If nothing else, it’s always good in my opinion to keep an eye on what the competition and industry is doing.

*Btw, let me say this post is not intended to disrespect any other Agency/Brokerage, not at all. It’s just an amazing Company and Opportunity that I’m excited to be part of and excited to share with others.

Feel free to connect with me anytime if you would like to learn more or have some specific questions.

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