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What’s your favorite excuse?

It’s probably the one you use the most.

~Too young

~Too old

~No experience

~Not enough time

~Too fat

~Too skinny

~Too dumb

~No money

And the list could go on and on and on…

You have some weaknesses, I get it.

Trust me, we all do.

I could rattle you off a long list of mine for you.

For example, years ago before I even did my first Ironman, after previously having 3 knee surgeries all on the same knee, a doctor told me I needed a knee replacement.

His words were, “you basically have the knee of a 70 year old man that lived a rough life”

After initial discouragement and buying into the story that I couldn’t do an Ironman now because of his report, I had another thought…..

Well, if it’s true that I’m going to need a knee replacement anyways, I might as well get every last ounce out of this knee while I still have it.

And so I have.

And guess what?

That was around 10 years ago and after 5 Ironman’s my knee today is better than ever before (stem cells have also played a part in my recovery)

Look, we all have limitations and weaknesses in certain aspects of ourselves or our lives that will make accomplishing some goals much more difficult than it would be for someone else.

These are Facts.

And we are not denying ‘resistance’ exists.

But it doesn’t mean that your failure is a foregone conclusion.

Look around in History or google a bit.

You can easily find THOUSANDS of incredible stories of individuals who overcame some of the most harsh and difficult circumstances that have ever existed to accomplish what they set out to do.

Consider that in today’s world, we have it fairly easy.

For the most part, we battle an invisible enemy from within.

So look there.

Look within.

Where you are soft, get HARD.

Where you are weak, build STRENGTH.

Where you are scared, gain COURAGE.

Begin to Battle the INTERNAL battle within where the negative beliefs have rooted in your mind…


You can begin to gain victory and Results in the EXTERNAL world and bring to life the goals you wish to manifest and make them reality.

Here’s the deal:


Begin to look for ways to replace your FAVORITE EXCUSES with your FAVORITE REASONS WHY you need to Breakthrough and overcome the challenges before you.

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