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Why do good Men stumble? [Live]

Why do good Men stumble?

We see it all the time.

Good men, gone bad.

And sometimes, it’s just good men who’ve gone sad.

Either way, we see Men that were good, some even great, but something happened and they either crashed and burned or they just stagnated and hit a plateau…

The question is WHY?

This response really requires a book-length narrative and a dive into some psychology spheres that I’m not equipped to do, but I’ll quickly share my novice perspective and the #1 Cliffs note that I see that will wreck a good man 100% of the time:


That’s it.

When a Man becomes bored in life, business, health or in his relationships, this is a recipe for a plateau, or a tremendous fall to occur.

Look at the great Men that you’ve seen go bankrupt, have affairs, lose battles to substance addictions, get extremely out of shape, or whatever.

They got bored.

Why did they get bored?

They lost the purpose and vision that they had before.

They lost sight of something that was calling them upwards and therefore got distracted and started looking to the left and to the right and saw some ‘shiny’ objects that started becoming too shiny for them to resist…then Boom/Pow

Another one bites the dust.

My message today is this:
If you as a Man do not have a true calling in your heart and knowing of who you are to be and who you are to serve, I would urge you to make this the single greatest priority in your life.

A Man without a purpose is not what God intended.

This is no way for you to live my friend.

No vision = Stagnation = Perishing = Death

You’ve got a fire and a calling inside of you.

I get it, you think you lost it and don’t even believe it’s in there anymore.

You gave up a long time ago.

That’s ok Brother.

It has happened to the greatest of Men.

But consider that from where you’re at right now, this will just make your comeback story even greater.

But you must pursue this.

You are called to be and do more.

It’s time to end the boredom and go find a Battle to fight and work again towards becoming the greater version of you that you had previously that was on fire to be alive with purpose, but you lost your way…

You know you have a choice.

You can stay how you are and where you’re at.

But you know how the story ends by taking that path.

The railroad to hell is paved with good intentions and that road is filled with a long line of bored Ass Men.

For some of you, it’s time to wake the F**k up and you know it.

Get off the path of boredom which leads to death.

Get back on the path of pursuing your true calling and purpose to be the Man you are called to be.

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