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Winning Is Just Showing Up

Somedays: Winning Is Just Showing Up

When it comes to creating great things in your life, somedays, ‘Winning’ is just showing up.

This isn’t a post to get too deep into peak performance and getting big sh*t done, rather, this is about consistency.

Because some days, the battle that you have to win is just showing up.

Some of you, running hard 365 days a year in Life, Business, Marriage, Parenting, Fitness, Spiritual Pursuits, it’s a grind…

You can’t go ALL-IN ALL THE TIME.

Some days, you need to redefine success.

And some days, you need to JUST SHOW UP.

I’ll share an example with you.

My 19yo son is training to be a professional boxer.

I got his sparring sessions at least once per week, but this young Man trains hard at least 6 days a week.

And some days, he hurts.

He’s sore.

He’s drained.

He’s tired.

Last night was one of those nights.

He told me was tired and felt drained.

BUT, the conversation of him taking the night off didn’t come up.

He showed up.

And honestly, did amazingly well
*See my video from last night on Facebook if you didn’t. That was him going strong in his 6th round of sparring.

So my friend, understand the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

And then another step.

Then another….

And (somedays) when you just show up, that’s the only lever that you need that day.

So, honor your commitments.

Get your ass out of bed.

Show up to that meeting.

Get to the gym.

Be present as a Husband & Father.

Work on the problems in your business.

Get on that Mastermind call.

Just show up to whatever it is that you need to show up to.

Battle those stories in your mind.

You will tell yourself to take it easy and NOT show up.

So do battle and get your ass into the Arena.

I won’t tell you that it’s gonna be easy.

Because it’s not.

I live it and see it as a husband, a father, entrepreneur, athlete and coach.

Showing up is how winning is done.

Step by step.

Day by day.

Brick by brick.

Yes, some days, you need to play all-in and all-out.

And some days, you just need to SHOW UP.

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