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Yes, We Buy Mobile Home Parks

We closed on another #MobileHomePark this week.

Yes, We still Buy Houses, actually bought a couple more this week…and…We Buy Mobile Home Parks too.

I’ve been very excited about this asset class for quite some time and finally pulled the trigger earlier this year and acquired our first park and so far, things are going very well and we’re looking for many, many more.

If there’s a beat up, run down park in your area, send me the info, because we’ve got lenders lined up and we’re looking to buy more.

This is good way to earn some quick cash and possibly help improve your community by getting rid of an eye sore.

And thats’ what we do. We’re buying run down, slum lord managed type of parks, and cleaning them up to provide clean, affordable housing in a safe community for the residents. And, I’m really enjoying the venture so far.

We’re looking in multiple states (not just Texas), so if you drive by some parks in your area, get the basic info and send it to me.

Shoot me info (address, phone, email or whatever info you have for the park or owner) and if we close we pay finders fees $$$.

Or, go to our marketing website that we set up, and submit the information.

Also, if you’re looking to get in on this type of investment, but prefer a more passive role, reach out to me as well. We are funding these deals with 100% private money and providing our lenders with above market rates of return secured by the USDA grade A Real Estate.

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