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In the last couple of years, I’ve competed in Ironman marathons, MMA cage fights, and CrossFit opens. Recently, I successfully finished the Sealfit 20X.

Before I talk about my latest competition, let me share something you might not know about me.

I’ve had two major ankle surgeries (I have a large plate and screws in my right ankle) and three left knee operations to the point that my knee is “bone on bone.” A few years after my last knee surgery, the doctor said, “You have the knee of a 70-year-old man that lived a very hard life. Your knee is grinding bone against the bone because your cartilage is almost completely shredded, and you have to stop doing the things you’re doing.”

Take note: At that time, I was doing extremely light jogging and a little CrossFit, LOL. Nothing nearly as extreme as I’ve done in the last few years.

So I had a decision to make: either I live life to the fullest and pursue the challenges and experiences that I thrive for, or I shelf my ambitions, settle down and play it conservatively and ‘die’ slowly and enter into the next phase of life against my true desires. I made the choice to put the throttle down and live the truth I believe in, not based on what others have told me to do, including doctors.

What happened after the meeting with the doc? I’ve found that I would rather ask, “How can I do something?” instead of adopting the mindset that I can’t do a certain activity. And that’s what I asked myself. HOW can I continue to do the physical things I enjoy with the body and injuries that I have?

The funny thing is, my knee is doing better today than it was three years ago. I’ve also discovered that “motion is lotion”–meaning that moving around, not staying idle at home, has helped with the healing process.

I’m sitting here now, three days after Sealfit 20X, and honestly, my body hurts all over! My body is completely sore and shredded, my back is tight, and yes, my knee is swollen–every muscle has some type of soreness and tightness. But I’m still grinning ear-to-ear, non-stop, while looking back on the experience from the past weekend. All the pain, the struggles, the challenges, and the new experiences and relationships that were formed from the event–it was all worth it.

I am grateful and quite appreciative of the pain I’ve endured, which led me to where I am right now. And I’m extremely glad that I didn’t listen to the doctor’s advice years ago that I need to stop doing what I love. Like what Setema Gali Jr., said in his post yesterday, “There is a very crazy piece of my mind that wants more.”

You also have the same choice and opportunity as me on whether you should live life or die slowly. But here’s something that I picked up from Rick Steele this weekend to help push you: “THERE IS NO FINISH LINE.” Remember that piece of advice when you’re feeling a sense of fear and pain.

When you find the freedom from your doubt and choose to not let the pain/uncertainty you’re feeling about your own abilities (body and mind) stop you, then and only then, can you can move towards the next level.

For me, I choose to push things to the extreme in my body and business, but play at your level wherever you’re at and progress at your pace. The important thing is to keep pushing yourself to become the greater version of yourself and not give into doubt, fear and even pain. For me, this past weekend, it was a #Sealfit20X experience. What’s your next challenge going to be?

Whatever it is, realize that whatever you believe your capacity to be, you have at least 20x more in your tank than you even know.

All the best,
Brant Phillips

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