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You Coach You [Live]

If you could step outside of yourself and look at YOU as a third person, what advice would you give to yourself?

What are the beliefs that you’re hanging onto that YOU KNOW are limiting you from having and experiencing greater things?

What advice would you give yourself on one or two specific things that you need to CHANGE RIGHT NOW or BEGIN TO DO RIGHT NOW that could change everything in your life or business?

What reasons could you think of that could compel you to take action today?

Because as we know, time is so incredibly short and if you don’t act now, what would the repercussions be in the future?

What will your in-action cost you in your relationships?

What will your in-action cost you in financial opportunities?

What will your in-action cost you in your health/fitness?

Or, perhaps it would simply mean, staying in a place of quiet misery, and desperation.

What will the cost of in-action be for you, If you don’t take action on the advice that you’ve given to yourself?

The truth is, you can do this right now.

The answers, reasons, pain, and inspiration you need you already have

Repeat after me:

All I need is within me.

And all I need is me now,

because God is in me now

This is something I tell myself every day.

Because it is true.

The change you desire, and KNOW that you need is closer than you think.

You just have to be honest and real with yourself.

And stop telling yourself the same old bullshit lies that you’ve been telling yourself for years and start taking real, purposeful actions.

After taking some long hard looks in the mirror.

Give yourself the advice that a ruthless, loving and caring coach would provide.

And heed that advice and begin to move on it today.

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