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You feel called to Lead & ‘Influence’ Others

You feel called to Lead & ‘Influence’ Others

But are you leading & influencing the One that matters most?

If YOU can’t lead YOU to create the results and goals you set for yourself, then you won’t be able to lead others.

It’s very easy to talk about it.

Creating Results from ideas and proclamations is another beast.

If you can’t create what you’ve committed to create for yourself, your words will fall short on others.

The words you speak will not have weight.

And when you lead, no one will willingly want to follow.

This doesn’t mean to give up

This simply means to start from where you are at.

Start with leading only one.

That One is you.

Begin holding yourself accountable to stay in the fight and honor the agreements that you make with yourself.

To honor your commitments in your relationship with God

To create the outcomes you’ve committed to Financially

To become the spouse and parent that you have the ability to be

To generate the physical results in your body that you feel proud of when you look in the mirror

If you can simply Lead One, which is you, then my friend, the others will follow.

Until then, focus on you before focusing on leading others

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