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Yes, the more reps you get the more proficient you’re going to be.

But the QUALITY of your Reps will drastically speed up the timeline of results.

If you’re practicing poor/ineffective Reps will only lead to bad Habits.

I have this conversation with my boys all the time.

My middle-aged son, Noah, is obsessed with basketball.

My oldest son, Garrison, is training to be a pro boxer.

I’ve told both of them they can take these dreams as far as they want them to go as long as they’re willing to show up each day, do the work, and do things the ‘right’ way.

And they both are.

So I told them that I would equal and match their effort in ways that I can support them.

If they’re pushing hard, then I’ll push and support them as much.

But I can’t want it more for them than they want it for themselves.

So when I saw that Noah was really committed to basketball and putting in the work with his drills at home, we started seeking out some other training that he could get into in addition to what he was doing at school with his team.

We found a gym run by a former pro NBA basketball player.

Noah gets training there 5 days a week (his choice).

3x a week he has team training and games.

2x a week he has a 2-hour hour session 1-on-1.

They push him hard and they don’t sugarcoat.

Reminds me of my high school sports days.

And the way his game has leveled up in the last six months is insane.

He’s running full court with grown adults and holding his own.

Actually, more than that a lot of games.

Garrison is training in Boxing 6-days a week, and he trains extremely HARD.

He’s been boxing for several years but while he was in high school it was more of a hobby and exercise, but late last year when he really made up his mind to take this seriously and become a pro he asked me to help him.

The first thing I did was go with him to the gym he had started going to.

This was a newer gym that he was at and I’ve never been there so I wanted to check it out.

My observation was the coach was nice, the gym was nice and from what I’ve seen in the boxing world ‘nice’ doesn’t help you become a champion.

After we left the gym that night I asked him if he thought that was the environment that was going to breed a champion?

He said No.

I also asked him how many champions have come out of that gym.

He said none.

The next thing I did was ask him to find out what the top 3 boxing gyms were in the city.

He said he already knew that, so he gave me the list.

I then asked, ‘Which one is the best?’

He said, Main Street, but it’s expensive.

Ok cool, let’s go there.

So we went to Main St, and there were pictures of champions all over the walls and the environment was completely different.

You could tell this was a place that was breeding champions.

He joined that night and this kid shows up all the time.

I also found a pro boxer (20+ years) that we hired for 1-on-1 training a couple of times a month.

Just in the last few months, he is already looking like a different fighter, his movement and confidence in the ring are at a different level.


These are just examples of ways to incubate and speed up results.

This applies in all areas of life.

Is there a Result/goal you’re after?

You need Reps.

But realize that if you’re practicing something incorrectly, you’re just reinforcing bad habits.

You need to Increase your reps while improving the QUALITY OF YOUR REPS.

Get Coached by Professionals who’ve created the results you’re after.

Practice, train and do so in an ENVIRONMENT that is pushing you to grow so that the reps you get are more meaningful and have more quality.

There are no shortcuts to success.

So start putting in the work.

Get your Reps, but make sure you’re focused on the Quality as much as the Quantity.

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