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I was going through my garage and I have an old filing cabinet in there and I saw something I printed out and put on it a long time ago from PT Barnum, it says:


100% Yes, Men suffer. A lot.

Somewhere around 30% of Men will deal with severe depression in their lives.

Many will commit suicide.

But most will simply live a life of quiet desperation.


Lot’s of reasons, aka: Stories

Most are from circumstantial events and upbringing that ‘wired’ them to be who they are.

Societal sedation and domestication did its work and castrated these Men to fall in line like the masses and stay quietly in a mundane middle-class life while their souls silently died.

But these Men used to Imagine Big.

Barnum’s quote basically says you ‘suffer because you’re imagining too little’

In other words, it’s THINKING SMALL that is the problem.

It’s not the entire cause, but it’s certainly one of the Roots of it all.

Dreams Matter.

The quickest way to get INTO a funk or depression is to focus on a negative, disempowering, and disgustingly sad future.

The quickest way to get OUT of a funk or depression is to focus on a brighter, more exciting, and prosperous Future.

Try it sometime.

The moment you feel down, do some quick deep breathing and focus on a compelling future of something that excites you.

You can eradicate that sadness real quickly.

Or you can get proactive for a change and get CLEAR on some big sh*t goals, review ’em daily and keep your mind focused on the future dreams you’re chasing…it’s preventative medicine for the mind.

Yes, there is still work to do to create ‘it’, but in the moment, you can shift from a negative to a positive state when you simply change the direction and energy of your thoughts.


Men stop doing this.

They give up.

They stop dreaming.

Learned Helplessness kicks in.

They accept the middle-class mediocrity lifestyle and some job that is robbing their soul… by day.

They learned to be too afraid to fail.

And suffering becomes the norm.

So they intentionally Aim low.

They forget how to Aim high and they forget how to dream and think Big.

They succumb to Fear and they stop believing in themselves.

They sedate with alcohol/pills/food/porn….or all of them….

And their ‘Game’ reflects their Aim.

Jesus said the ‘word will become flesh’, which translates into:
The thoughts we have and the things we say will manifest themselves into reality.

And that’s what manifests in their life:
….blah….sadness….aiming low…..lackluster living….

Lackluster job.

Lackluster Marriage.

Lackluster Dad.

Lackluster Body.

Lackluster Job or Business.

Lackluster Sex life.

Lackluster everything Life, for most.

Just average and lackluster…..

Most pretend it’s ok, so instead of fixing it, they just lie to themselves…but they know the truth.

They gave up and tapped out on dreaming big and fighting the good fight.

For the Men out there struggling in life, let me ask you a question.

Would it hurt you to IMAGINE again?

Would it kill you to dust off some of those dreams you once had that you’ve since stored away many years ago in the ‘closet of your mind’?

I don’t think it would.

I think it would do exactly the opposite.

Kind of like firing up an old Hot Rod for the first time in a loooong time.

Feels good to hear that engine roar and let it hummm…..

God has wired us with an incredible ability to manifest our thoughts into words and our words into reality.

But it has to be something we deeply believe in.

Everything we create is just a manifestation of what we hold to be true in our minds.

The reality of our life and business is simply the stacking of our stories, which is our truth over and over and over again that ultimately creates our reality.

Your results and reality in your Faith, Family, Fitness, and Finances are a reality because of your stories and dreams that you’ve held onto from the past.

Want to change your life or business?

Change your stories.

Stop imagining and aiming small.

See where this has gotten you?

Dream, think, and IMAGINE BIG again.

Could you possibly fail by chasing your dreams?


You probably will, but you can get your life back!

And if you get up after failing and keep pushing, I’m confident you will succeed.

That is how winning is done my friend.

Vision + Work Ethic + Determination + Not Quitting

Where are you getting from this message?

Are you aiming high or low?

Are you suffering from imagining too little rather than too much?

Imagine more…

Dream more….

Don’t worry about all of the ‘logistics’ right now

Allow yourself some time to simply think about these BIG things…

And from that space, you can begin to move forward taking action on those thoughts and dreams

Don’t give up on you.

You started aiming low and you stopped dreaming and this is where it has led you.

Time to forgive yourself.

And it’s time to fight.

So think about where you are imagining way too small….

How can you aim higher?

How can you do something bigger?

Set your fear, your stories, your worries, and your concerns to the side and exchange them with a crystal clear, compelling vision by answering these questions with BIG DREAMS in mind:



THEN you start taking action, failing forward

Yes, once again, you are going to fail.

You’re gonna screw up some stuff, but you keep moving forward.

This is the spice of life and how you learn.

If you aim higher and push hard, you will get elevated results.

Aim lower?

That’s what you’re going to get.


If you’re in a place where you are struggling physically, financially, relationally, or spiritually, reply back and let’s get you scheduled for one of my REAL ESTATE BRKTHRU training sessions I host each week for a small group of Men.


You’re only one BRKTHRU away from changing everything….

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