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Your home is suffering violence

Your home is suffering violence.

It’s being attacked.

Much like Matt 11:12 says, ‘the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and violent men take it by force’

The same is true for your home.

The hearts and minds of your children are being relentlessly pursued by the tyranny of evil and wicked Men.

Your heart and mind is being attacked as well.

And the enemy is hiding in plain sight.

The education system, television and of course, so much of what is available to them on telephones.

The attacks are daily.

They do exist.

And your kingdom is suffering violence.

If you haven’t started, it’s time to fight back.

Begin each day on your knees, seeking guidance from above on the steps for you to take.

Then step.

Guide, talk, lead and fight for your family.

Have conversations with your children.

Instead of judging and parenting, spend time teaching and living the Principles.

In other words, don’t judge the action, look for the root.

That’s where you find where the heart is, and that leads all actions.

And when they screw up (like you did when you were young), consider that your judgement and anger will not yield the results you really want.

Discipline, yes.

But discipline with wisdom and unconditional love.

I messed this up for years by focusing on the discipline way too much and the love/principle teaching much less than I should have.

So if you haven’t exhibited or taught the guiding principles you want your kids to live out, then, it’s no wonder they act as they do.

And if you haven’t lived in unconditional love towards them, they won’t trust you to be a safe place for them to come to.

So start today.

Be a better Man.

Set a better example.

Talk less about how they need to live and exhibit it yourself.

Be Real.

Be Honest.

Do the work.

Produce fruit and results consistently over time, then, that’s when others will begin to pay attention.

Start now.

Because your home is under attack and is suffering violence.

You need to be there and rise up for what is right and what is yours.

Be a violent Man in defending, fighting for and loving your family.

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