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Your Success Is The Cause Of Your Failure

Have you ever considered that your Success may be the cause of your failure?

That’s right, what you or others may be labeling as ‘success’ may be the biggest cause of your Failure.

I’m referring to the failure for you to REALLY have the life and/or business you’ve once visioned.

You see, most people start out in life with a DREAM to do something big, meaningful, impactful, exciting, something more than they are doing now.

To live with a purpose and to spend their days in more purposeful and rewarding pursuits.

But I get it….somehow, ‘life’ happens….and they settle

They settle in life for ‘average’
…An average job
…Average income
…Average marriage
…Average health

Scorecard = BLAH

So what you may deem as your ‘success’ is actually one of the leading causes of your failure.

This is the dangerous aspect of the Comfort Zone

It’s very deceiving.

It’s like a nice warm blanket in the morning on a cold day….it feels good to stay all covered up, rather than getting out and taking on the day.

And most people are afraid to test the waters.

Afraid to get out of that comfort zone and pursue their dreams and respond to the calling in their heart.

Most people are afraid to fail.

But I will share something with you…

Well managed Failure is the leading cause of success.

If you simply stay resolved to follow the callings in your heart, the possible failures along the way are what ultimately help drive you to live the life you feel called to lead.

To cite from Invictus, ‘It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll”

Master your fate.

Fight your fear.

Stop settling for average.

Don’t let your ‘success’ lead to your failure.

If you will simply choose to pursue your greatness and not let fear stand you down, well, my fiend, welcome to the path of true success and to the road less traveled.

I hope to see you on the trails some day soon :-)

All the best,


Brant Phillips

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