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You’re not as successful as you should be

You’re not as successful as you should be…

You should have done this…

You could have done that…

And on and on….

Here’s the truth:


If you were supposed to have done more at this point, then you would have, but you didn’t.

How much time do you spend beating yourself up?

Why not give yourself some grace.

Beating yourself up will not get you further, it will only keep you stuck.

You can not create momentum when you’re focusing on the failures of the past.

The magic and momentum can begin when you can begin to forgive yourself for your past mistakes, extract the lessons from the things that didn’t work out so that you can begin to unshackle the guilt that you’re holding onto and that’s weighing you down.

For entrepreneurs and athletes, we call this having a ‘short memory’….the past is done.

The easiest way to begin getting traction moving forward is by releasing the past so you can move forward without any baggage.

These lingering thoughts about your shortcomings from the past will add mental residue and cloud your ability to move forward.

The ability to know that if you screw up again that you can be ok with that and love yourself anyway, will jumpstart the momentum again, rather than stagnate it.

Stop the insanity.

To get where you want to go, stop going in circles and release that baggage from the past and start taking action today that will move you in the direction towards the results that are within your reach.


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